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Arts & Letters Award



The Closing date for the 2020 Award is September 30

Each year the Club grants the Arts & Letters Award to a non-member who deserves recognition for a significant contribution to the cultural life of the city and beyond.The 2019 Arts & Letters Award went to composer Alexina Louie.

Winners of the Award receive an Arts & Letters Club medal and a complimentary membership for one year. The 2020 award will be presented when the Club resumes.

Club members are invited to submit nominations for this prestigious award Nominations should include:

  • supporting letters from members or others familiar with the nominee’s achievements, describing the nominee’s background and why he or she should receive the Award.
  • a curriculum vitae
  • where appropriate, supporting material to help the committee decide (e.g. newspaper or magazine articles or reviews, or a representative CD or DVD).

These will help the committee understand the quality of the nominee’s performance, art, or work, his or her contribution to the community, and the length and strength of commitment.

Please address submissions on paper to Chair of the Arts & Letters Award Committee, in care of the General Manager’s Office.

A & L Award Recipients

  • 2019 Alexina Louie, Music
  • 2018 Margie Zeidler, Architecture
  • 2017 R.H. Thomson, Theatre
  • 2016 Michael Albano, Music/Theatre
  • 2015 Dennis Reid, Visual Arts
  • 2014 Richard Gwyn, LIterature
  • 2013 John Beckwith, Music
  • 2012 Neil Crory, Music
  • 2011 Marlene Smith, Theatre
  • 2010 Joe Gill, Architecture
  • 2007 Roger Hill, Visual Arts
  • 2006 George Brough, Music
  • 2005 Stephen Ralls and Bruce Ubukata, Music
  • 2004 Robert Stacey, Visual Arts
  • 2003 Susan Coyne and Albert Schultz, Theare
  • 2002 Rollo Myers, Architecture
  • 2001 Ernestine Tahedl, Visual Arts
  • 2000 Giuseppe Macina, Music
  • 1999 Tom Kneebone, Theatre
  • 1998 Mary Lou Fallis, Music/Theatre




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