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A LAMPSweek tribute to our three costumiers of our Stage Productions. 
This was read at a celebration of their work on Friday, March 2.

In Praise of Costumes, and Their Creators

The joy of Margaret, Di and Dora
Is that their costumes have an aura
Which elevates your humble role
And give you gravitas and soul.
With quills and frills and cloth and fluff
And buttons, bows and other stuff,
Your raiments will be riveting,
No matter if you’re playing a king
Or have the luck to top your domes
With hats like those of Sherlock Holmes.

You leave your mundane rags behind
And don an outfit of a kind
That makes you think you could belong
Among a nineteenth-century throng
Or thieves engaged in something wrong
Or chanters of Shakespearean song.
These three have sewn and well designed
Great costumes, ragged or refined,
With touches that engage the eye
And velvet that will make you sigh,
Material so rich it may
Upstage the actors and the play.

We’ve had the pleasure of their work,
With here a tug and there a jerk,
Don’t make their marvels look inept.
They’ve ministered to anxious doubt.
“No dear, that coat is inside out,
And if you plan to wear that hat,
You wear it rakishly, not flat.
Your legs are, to be honest, frights
And have to be encased in tights.
And dear oh dear, the way that shirt
Is hanging makes the eyeballs hurt.”

Their skill is great, their taste is prime.
They save us from ourselves each time.
Each knows her stuff, and we know she knows.
Three cheers for the three amigos.

Warren Clements


photos taken by Damon Lum at the Tribute to the Costume Ladies

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