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May 2017, Architecture

Kitty Gibney: The Coop
Kitty Gibney: The Coop
Judith Davidson-Palmer: Circle-Game: Four Seasons Hotel at Bay Street
Duncan Parker: Aga Khan Foundation Pyramid
David Edwards
Anna Leggett
Sue Russell: Botanical Gardens
Gord Fulton
Marvyne Jenoff: Across the Street
Ian McGillivray: Underground City in Turkey
Mary Jane Large: Woody Point Heritage Theatre
Mary Glendinning: Arch
Penelope Cookson
Catherine Ishino: Ai Wei Wei at Toronto City Hall
Viper Sehgal: Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
John Eichmanis: Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
Bill Michelson - Bank of Canada mirroring Confederation Building, Ottawa
Jack Gilbert: OCAD's Will Alsop Buidling
George Rust-d'Eye: Robin's Nest in Cabbagetown