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Members' News - JULY 2017

Marion Abbott is producing two major projects in July - the Women of Musical Theatre Festival here at the Club from July 20 - July 24 (, and seven different productions of her "Confidential Musical Theatre Project" shows at the Fringe Festival, from July 5 - 16 (

Tony Batten’s two images of the Commons Chamber have been officially received into the collections of the Houses of Parliament. The paintings will hang in the reception area of the office of the Speaker of the House.

Tony Batten, Heidi Burkhardt, Zora Buchanan and Janet Hendershot each have a painting in MOSAIC, the Ontario Society of Artists’ 145th Anniversary Exhibition at the Aurora Cultural Centre, May 11–August 5:

At the invitation of the Irish Embassy, Lucy Brennan took part as a storyteller at an event on June 16 in Ottawa organized by the Embassy in recognition of Bloomsday.

Laurie De Camillis and David Edwards are taking part in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 14–16. You will find Laurie and her paintings in the inner circle at Booth #146 P, and David at Booth #18 NM, northeast area

Thomas Gough will appear as “The Doctor” in Nina Kaye’s new play Death Meets the Harlequin in the Toronto Kids’ Fringe, playing at the George Ignatieff Theatre, July 5–16. This play is most suitable for older children and teenagers. 

Judy Raymer Ivkoff will be participating in Our Canada, the Sculptors Society of Canada’s annual show at the John B. Aird Gallery, August 23 through September 16.

Four of Marvyne Jenoff’s collages appear in TorontoArt’s new Roaming Art Gallery as part of a loop on a large screen at Brioche Dorée, 648 King St. W. Marvyne’s collages are made from pieces of her own photographs and watermedia and acrylic paintings. The show will continue from late June and can be viewed at: 

Ulla Nystrom is always on the lookout for artifacts to use in her collages, installations and mixed media paintings—old clothing (especially children’s, 1950s or older), baby shoes, old photographs, linens, watches that don’t work anymore, etc. Rips, stains and rust are welcome. Please don’t toss them into garbage, email Ulla, send pictures if you can. She is happy to pick them up:

David Stones has several upcoming gigs as feature poet, including Toronto’s Art Bar (June 27) and Words & Music Salon (August 5), as well as London’s Couplets Poetry Series (August 24). He is performing work from Infinite Sequels, Such a Frail Book of Endings, and “On Turning into Raymond Souster.” David continues to serve on the Board of Shakespeare in the Ruff and to head up their fund development program.


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